You have an endless list of places you need to go.

But, you're short on time to plan, research, and create an itinerary.


We're here to help!

Our Mission

In 2009 we wrote “The Adventures of Audriana and Angela” on the back of the car and haven’t stopped adventurin' since. As two best friends who absolutely love traveling, it’s really no surprise that we have both spent time working at travel agencies. But, we much prefer working for ourselves, so we started our own business. Many, many countries since we first wrote our names on that car—with no intention of stopping—we are now planning authentic travel experiences with custom itineraries for adventurers, like you!

 Our goal is to make sure our clients are able to immerse themselves in the places they go, soaking up the culture, living like locals, and enjoying a fully-saturated experience from departure to return. With authentic itineraries that never include cookie cutter trips or boring tour buses, we focus on making the travel experience rich and unique with individualized plans. 

Meeting virtually or in-person we discuss exactly what each client is looking for while getting to know their personalities. It’s important to us that the entire experience is as stress-free and fun as possible. We want our clients to experience the world just as we love to, creating memorable and timeless moments that last a lifetime. From booking hotels, activities, transportation, hiking reccommendations, and even providing nightlife and food suggestions, we handle everything imaginable so that YOU can prepare for the best traveling experience possible. 

We truly believe that traveling is beneficial not only to each individual, but to humanity as a whole. Travel is absolutely detrimental to ignorance, forcing us to be uncomfortable and learn about ourselves and the world around us from a new, first-hand perspective. 

Fun-loving, adventurous gals ourselves, we are always looking for new and exciting ways to expand our horizons and see a new part of the world. Our hope with this business is to help others do exactly the same. We are eager to plan amazing, authentic trips for others with just as much passion and zeal as if it were our own trip. There’s nothing more thrilling than sharing our love for travel with others. 

Oh, and if you’re wondering where we got our name … rambling comes from the urge to travel from place to place, never settling down, going wherever life takes you, and of course, we are two gals who love to do just that. Always up for an adventure—whether its the vibrant Audriana or practical Angela—we never refuse to blow where the wind takes us. And to think … this is only the beginning. 

Home is behind, the world ahead
— Bilbo Baggins

Did we just quote Lord of the Rings?

Uhh, ya...and guess what? Some weekends we spend in our jammies, tucked into some tasty nachos spending a solid chunk of the day with The Fellowship. 

Thanks for spending some time with us. We can't wait to get ya out into the world.

We're happy to have you, friend.