You already know where you want to go and what days you'll be where.


But, you're needing some help figuring out how to get around. 

The Transportation Pack is a simple solution to this problem. We'll have a look at your current itinerary and pick out the best ways for you to get from Point A to Point B, AND enjoy all the sights. 

Because we know how stressful it is to waste a day trying to figure out how to get to your next adventure. 

  • You're finding the train systems confusing

  • You're in a brand new city and don't have the time to figure out the local transportation without wasting an entire day

  • When and where should you pick up your rental car to be the most efficient

  • You can't decide whether to take a hopper flight, a train, or rent a car

  • The more research you do on how to get around, the more stressed out and confused you are.

Lean on in here for some story time, friend. 

Even The Rambling Gals (once upon a time) had some transportation mishaps. On our very first trip out into the big world, we tripped up on this so, so many times and had it ruin our plans that we don't want that to happen to you!

Seriously, one day in San Sebastian Spain, we spent an ENTIRE day trying to get to the train station and get a ticket to Barcelona. 

We took the wrong the wrong direction. Tried to walk to the main train station...and finally arrived to find that all the trains to Barcelona were sold out and we would have to leave the next morning. 

Sounds like a real bummer, dunnit?

Let us take the stress out of you getting around. So you can enjoy more adventures, and less transportation woes. 

Here's exactly what you'll get inside the Transportation Pack:

Step 1: Itinerary Review

  • Send over your travel dates and current itinerary, including any activities you have planned
  • We'll go through and determine what type of transportation works best for your trip
  • Fill out our questionnaire about your travel preferences (are you an early bird, want to get started mid-morning, prefer nighttime transportation, budget, etc)

Step 2: Best Fit

  • We'll provide our recommendations based on your itinerary & budget

Step 3: Review

  • We will send you our proposed transportation itinerary for you, including the total cost of your transportation
  • Together, we'll make any alterations to schedules, pick-up times, etc

Step 4: Seal the Deal

  • Finalize your transportation schedule and details
  • Answer any of your questions
  • Make the reservations and provide you with all of the travel info and confirmation numbers

so, what do you think. Are ya in?

Transportation Pack
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The fine print.

  • Prices are for double occupancy (2 people traveling together)
  • Traveling with a group of 4+? Please shoot us an email at and we'll get everything sorted out
  • If you're solo traveling, please select the "Traveling Solo" option
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