Episode 1: Introduction to US + our first trip

episode 1: Podcast Breakdown & Extras

Today on our verrrrry first episode we're mostly telling stories of how we first met and became friends. We know how hard it is to get to know people via the internet, so this is our fun way of introducing ourselves and letting you in on some tidbits about us, The Rambling Gals!

Listen below!

The Rambling Gals Podcast Episode 1

How we met & ignored each other for years

For those of you that have not seen Audriana, she has very memorable, auburn red hair. We had a class together Freshman year of High School, and I only remembered she was in the class because I had that picture of her auburn hair in my head, and no other features ha! 

And we pretty much just ignored each other for about 2 years, until we were on the same basketball team and we're forced to get to know one another. And we can't help but think about all the fun memories we could have had if we had just talked to each other in that class! So the next few years, we basically were joined at the hip, did everything together, spent the weekends at each others homes, went camping together, went thrifting and to the craft store for scrapbooking supplies, and drove around to basketball practice and games together.

When I left to go to college in San Diego, we still talked almost everyday and she and another friend even drove the 11ish hours to come visit me there.

Eventually, I came back home and we became roommates for a little bit and we decided we should probably go travel the world together. Audriana had been trying to go on a international trip for some time, but was having a hard time finding anyone to go with her. And I had applied for several study abroad programs and for one reason or another, they just never worked out quite right. When we moved in together, we basically had a "fuck it" moment and bought roundtrip flights to and from Sweden, made a giant list of all the places and things we wanted to do, and got to planning.

When we got home, we couldn't stop thinking about what our next trip would be

As soon as we got home from our two and a half month trip, it was back to work and school. Except, of course, we were not the same and now had an never-ending list of places and experiences we want to have. We both immediately knew that this was going to now consume a large portion of our lives, and I applied for a job at a travel agency while finishing up my last two semesters of college. While I worked there, I learned a ton about the travel industry and while I enjoyed being immersed in this environment, I found that it was not neccessarily my style and didn't really mesh well with how I liked to experience the world. 

Audriana found a job at a travel agency near her home in Marin County, where she still works today!

We're always planning and plotting what our next destination is going to be...this September we're heading to Texas for a Travel Conference and then off to Thailand in November!!


How we met & became friends: [0:01:08]

Learn more about the little town in Northern California we call home: [0:10:26]

What our very first International trip was like and all the mistakes we made: [0:12:28]

How much it costs to share a hamburger in Norway and why we had to leave early [0:16:27]