Episode 6: Hostel Etiquette + What It's Really Like

Episode 6: Podcast Extras + Breakdown

Staying in hostels is one of our favorite ways to travel. It allows us to save money, and our most favorite part, is making friends from all over the world. Today's episode goes over a few common things we see from other travelers which makes me think they're a real a jerk, and a quick look into what it's like staying in one.

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Episode 6 The Rambling Gals Podcast

What staying in hostels is actually like

When we tell people who have never stayed in budget accommodations that we stay in hostels, we usually get the face of... "ohhhh that sounds dirty and disgusting." BUT, there are some amazing hostels that are wonderfully clean and the bathrooms are spacious and nice with really cool common rooms, and good sized rooms!

There are quite a lot of misconceptions about what it's like staying in a hostel, and really, it is one of our favorite ways to travel. We met the majority of our future friends at these types of accommodations because most people there are like-minded and also wanting to meet new people from around the world. 

Especially if you're on a budget, hostels are a wonderful option and can help you cut costs so you can spend more on the parts of your trip that are more than just a place to sleep. 

Common Areas

In most hostels there are common areas to spend time with new friends and have a little downtime. In many of the places we stay , there are kitchens, living room areas, deck space with chairs or hammocks, a bar or restaurant area, and sometimes a movie room. These are great spaces outside of the room which allow you to have all the amenities you may need. 

Hostels usually have a pretty wide variety of room types and often have an option to get a private room. Obviously, the more people you are sharing a room with, the cheaper the price will be per night. In rooms which you are sharing with 12 or so other people, it is typically bunk beds in a pretty good sized room. And there are lockers to place your luggage and belongings into where you can put a lock on your stuff when you head out for the day. 

These common areas are perfect for meeting new people, and we have met plenty of our travel friends in these areas. 

We feel like hostels maybe don't have the best reputation just based on how people assume they will be. We do plenty of research on the potential hostels we want to stay at using the website HostelWorld where they are very thorough with what the hostel is like and you can read reviews and see photos and all that! 

Not being a jerk

If you have ever had a roommate, or just shared any space with any other human ever, you should have an idea of how to not being a jerk in a hostel.

Simple things like NOT turning on the light for the entire room of 12 people on at 4 in the morning because you have an early flight. That has actually happened to us on several occasions. 

Packing your bag the night before you leave early in the morning so the entire room doesn't have to hear you rummaging around, opening and closing your locker over and over and in general, being a noisy asshole when the rest of the room is sleeping!

Don't forget you're sharing a room with people who may be jet-lagged or had an early morning and long day of sightseeing, so sometimes there's people napping in the room throughout the day. This doesn't mean you have to stay out of the room, just be considerate of the person who may have just been on a 12 hour flight and it's 3 in the morning for them!

I feel like I shouldn't have to say these things, but all these things have happened to us and I sincerely have NO explanation for why anyone is doing these things! 

Now, don't let these things deter you from staying in a hostel! It is seriously SO much fun, and a perfect way to meet other travelers and make memories and friends that you'll never forget. 


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