Episode 4: Prioritizing Travel

Episode 4: Podcast Breakdown + Extras

Episode 4 already, I can hardly believe it! On today's episode we're talking about the importance of prioritizing travel and a few steps you can take in your daily life if you want to travel more.

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Prioritizing Travel: The Rambling Gals Podcast

Why Luck Has Nothing To Do With It

We hear about people who travel that they’re just really lucky to be able to do that, but really luck doesn’t have as much to do with it as many people think. Sure, we can make the argument that a certain amount of luck was involved in so much as being born in the United States, being able to speak English and a few other factors that was pure luck for us. However when we speak of luck in this capacity, we're talking about people that have the same, or more, capability to travel as we do...and don't.

Because when we speak of luck, it certainly wasn't luck who saved money specifically for travel.

And it wasn’t luck that allowed me to deliberately move into a less expensive house to save money.

And it wasn’t lady luck herself who went through all of my expenses, down to toothpaste and toilet paper to find where I could be cutting expenses for an upcoming trip. 

And it definitely wasn’t luck who bought my plane tickets and did all the research to get me there.

So the key has truly been to the change of making travel a priority in my life. And this is something that Audriana and I have both worked toward doing over the last few years. This is not to say travel is the number one priority in either of our lives, or that it needs to be the number one priority in YOUR life to be feasible either. Our relationships with family and friends, our pets, and our work is still more important. But the change has been in all the other, teeny-tiny areas of life that have allowed us to travel as often as we do.

the key to accomplishing any goal is to prioritize it

As with nearly any goal we may set for ourselves, whether it be to write a book or learn French this year, the key to actually reaching those goals is to make it a priority. 

When I take a look at my daily life, for example, I can see that each day I do several things that align with the goal of traveling more. Here are a few examples of those things:

1. Consuming travel content

This includes everything from listening to other travel podcasts, reading books about certain destinations, watching documentaries & TV shows/movies, reading blogs from other travelers, attending travel conferences, and following other people in the travel industry on every social media. 

Obviously just doing these things alone will not get you to your goal, but there is something to be said about surrounding yourself with like-minded people. Surrounding yourself with information pertinent to your overall goal not only helps you to stay motivated and knowledgeable, but also influences the way you think throughout the day. 

Although these are small things you can do everyday, like listening to a travel podcast, it can help you stay on track throughout the day because you're already thinking about something that relates to your goal.

My example: Every morning I watch a short video or listen to a podcast from Gary Vaynerchuk. If you don't know him, you gotta go look him up. He's basically just a firecracker of an entrepreneur and  he gives me a kick in the ass every morning to get to work. It sets a tone for my workday, or weekend, Christmas, or whenever I'm not a hundred percent in the mood to bust my ass, and I put Gary on and he tells me to stop being a ninny and get to work. And I say, "okkkkkkay Gary, can't a lady take a day off?!" and then I get out my laptop and get to work. 

As I have a goal of building a successful business, surrounding myself with content that helps me out, is crucial. 

Find the people wrapped up in your goal, and absolutely drown yourself in it and you'll be one step closer to making your goal a priority. 

2. How you spend your money

This is crucial. If you go out to dinner twice a week, or buy new clothes, or shoes, or always have the latest iPhone, or you have an expensive gym membership, these are the things that you are prioritizing your money with.  

And we've talked to plenty of people that say they can't possibly travel like they want to and I see them doing all of these things. And then I get to say to them, "well you could if you stopped being a knob head and spent your money a little wiser." I don't always call people knob heads, but it works to reinforce my point for some people. 

Right? Let's think about this. You can spend $100 a month on a gym membership, and maybe you actually use it and go everyday, but you could be tossing $100 a month in your travel fund and in 4-5 month you could buy a plane ticket. Sure, you might LOVE going to the gym. I loved going to my gym, but there came a point where I thought, hey I could be putting this toward my trip to Thailand and freaking buck up and workout old school style at home, or at a park, or find a freaking looooong set of stairs and run up and down it. The key here is the resiliency. Are you resilient is seeing your goals come to fruition, and can you make life a little harder for yourself in the pursuit of the goals. 

Get a plane ticket, or get a six pack

I like to make a comparison of traveling more, or having nice ab muscles as I think it's a similar goal. Stick with me here. 

If I had the goal of getting six pack abs, I would wake up everyday and put on a fitness podcast, I would plan my meals from a great cookbook, I would read books about training and nutrition and fitness in general, and my daily thoughts would more or less revolve around those ideas. 

I would prioritize my money on things like a gym membership, workout clothes and shoes, buying educational books, and healthy groceries.

And eventually, through consistency, effort and the re-prioritization of most of the things in my life, I would have as many abs as possible. 

Same, same, right?

you can talk about it, or you can effing do it

There are many people who say they want to travel more, but don’t want to take the steps toward actually doing it. We've had friends talk about wanting to go somewhere or do something for years. Years! And they never make any effort to actually be arsed to do that thing.

They want to talk about it, but they do not want to work for it. 

It’s far easier to go out with friends and spend money on dinner and drinks, than it is to stay in, go grocery shopping and plan a meal at home to save money.

It’s a heck of a lot easier to say, "Yeah I'd love to go backpack through Europe!" than it is to cut down on your expenses, do research, and quit your gym membership to workout at home so put that money towards your travel fund.


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