Episode 20: we’re back + a Thailand Recap!

My goodness, you guys. We accidentally disappeared from our regular weekly episodes, but WE ARE BACK!

Listen, life gets in the way of things and we were recording and releasing podcasts at an unsustainable rate, for us, anyway. We like to put out episodes and content that are helpful and full of tips and tricks and that our listeners find useful or entertaining. For us, recording, editing, writing show notes and publishing an episode a week was really, really difficult.

Which is why we’ll be releasing episodes only twice a month (every other Friday), in addition to our once monthly interview episodes. So…2-3 episodes a month rather than the 5 episodes we were previously doing! This will give us more time to create, record, edit, and release quality episodes which we hope you will continue to enjoy!

Now, all of this is to say…we are officially back and we have some great episodes planned for you guys and we also have some exciting guest episodes lined up in the coming months.

While Audriana and I took this time off, we did some traveling, spent time with family, caught up on allllllll the blog posts we had backlogged, which was a massive pain in the ass, and a bunch of other stuff. In the meantime, I did interview episodes every month still, so if you haven’t listened to those yet — you can find them to your right in the Podcast Archive, on Apple Podcasts, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

On today’s episode we’re discussing what we’ve been up to these past few months, including our trips to Europe, Harry Potter World in Florida and Yosemite National Park.

We also have a quick recap of our time in Thailand, which is pretty much just an overview of out time there. We will be going into more detail about the specific places we visited as well as our experiences in the coming episodes!

Listen below!

Coming Up:

Every Wednesday, we do something called Whiskey Wednesday on our Instagram. During this time, I take any and all travel questions from you guys and answer them while I drink whiskey — a win-win for everyone, don’t ya think?!

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