Episode 2: Travel Burnout

On the show today, we're talking about that pesky travel burnout which can kind of just sneak in and has the potential to ruin your entire trip! Listen as we breakdown some of the main causes of travel burnout and give some actionable and practical tips to help you get through it!

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What Causes Travel Burnout and Ensuring It Doesn't Ruin Your Trip

What is travel burnout + when do you get it

I think we have all at some point gone away from home for an extended period of time, whether that was your week away in grade school for a summer camp, a loooong sleepover at a friends' house, or a vacation! And many times, travel burnout can just kinda sneak up on you and leave you missing your home, and your bed, and your people, and your pets. 

For each person, you can experience this homesickness at different periods. Some people can go 6 months and pretty much be fine, and some people start to feel that achy-ness after only a couple days. 

WHat makes you feel homesick

Knowing this about yourself and those traveling with you can be crucial.

For example, when you're traveling, you'll lack anything resembling a routine, whereas at home, you likely have a fairly predictable schedule most days. This feeling of uncomfortableness can definitely set you on edge and set you up to begin missing that regular routine can start to weigh on you. 

Another example comes in those close relationships we all have. Unless you happen to be traveling with all your family and loved ones, and pets, chances are you're probably going to be missing your people at some point. This absolutely contributes to the sense of travel burnout and causes travelers to not being full present during this amazing experience. 

There's nothing quite like the feeling of being homesick and it can genuinely ruin your entire trip if you let it!

Ways you can combat travel burnout

We utilize a variety of things to help us stay fully present during our travels. While the podcast episode certainly goes into more details, here are a few of our favorite ways to not get burnt out while traveling. 

Make sure you're going at a pace that suits you and your travel partners. If you are trying to see evvverything and experience all the things, you WILL BE exhausted. We know, because we've done it. And just like in regular life, when you are exhausted and pushed to your limits and you have the added pressures of navigating a foreign place and language and alllll the other stresses that come with traveling, you can get cranky and start to miss the comforts of home. Knowing this about yourself is SO crucial. To add to that, knowing this, or having this conversation with those you are traveling with is important as well. If you are the get up early and walk for 20 miles around the city, and your travel buddy's not into it, y'all are gonna have some issues and one (or both) of you are going to be pissed. This is just inviting tension that also has the potential to seriously wreck some havoc on your attitudes. 

Something that I have found very useful is to write letters. I gave them example in this episode of when we spent a month in Peru and I knew that we would not have reliable service all the time. So I wrote 30 letters before we left, put the dates of each day I would be gone and left them in a box for my boyfriend to have. This way, even if we couldn't talk everyday, I would at least know that everyday, he could sit down after work and open his letter for the day and have some sort of communication from me. And even though this meant I would not neccessarily get to talk to him, it was nice knowing that he would have that each day AND it was a fun way to stay in contact. 

Definitely listen through the episode for our other tips + tricks to help combat travel burnout!

What not to do

It is SO, so important to not let travel burnout do several things. The first and most important is to not let it stop you from actually going. And we have heard this from several people; that they cannot even see themselves traveling because they know they'll miss their family, their pets and their significant others and they allow this to absolutely cripple their potential adventures. Knowing how to deal with it, rather than flat out refuse to face it is a much better way to handle it. 

Another example we give is to not let homesickness ruin your relationships. This means both your relationship with whomever you're traveling with and the ones at home. It's very easy to be gloomy because you're missing home and have it translate to tension with your travel partner. And then it snowballs realllll quickly. You go from feeling mildly homesick and down because you're missing home, to being snarky with who you're traveling with, to turning both of your attitudes sour and before you know it, your day and your plans are ruined. And you know what, buttercup? It's not worth it! Because neither of you will remember what you were upset about and how many times do you get to frolic around Europe with your good friend?!


What the heck it travel burnout and what induces it?     [0:01:22]

The best and worst parts of traveling     [0:09:27]

Little things you can do to help you ease the feelings of homesickness      [0:12:31]

The key to successful travel plans, is to not let travel burnout do this during your trip   [0:21:58]