You did it.

You finally decided to take that hard-earned vacation.

And now you have an entire trip to plan out, reservations to make, research to do, and about a thousand other things.

Okay, a thousand things may be a bit of a stretch.

Don't fret, darlin'. We'll handle it.

Pssssst, do any of these sound familiar...?

  • What the...where do I even...start?!
  • I wonder what there is to do in this place?
  • How the bloody hell am I supposed to get from here to there?
  • I wonder if I should go to that town?
  • Should I get a rental car?
  • How do the train systems work here?
  • Ohhhhh food, I bet there's some amazing restaurants there I'd love to try!
  • What should I pack? Will it be hot or cold when I go?
  • Oy vey, where should I stay in town? Where are the cool neighborhoods?!

So, take a deep breath -- 'cause we gotcha.

We've helped adventurers get out into the world, planning every aspect of their journey. Many of them started right where you are today, asking the same questions of where to go, what to do, and how to get around. So embrace those feelings of overwhelm and not enough time and then take a deep breath -- because we're here to sort out all the details.

This could be you instead.

  • Excited about your upcoming trip
  • Able to pay your trip in installments rather than all in one chunk
  • Confident that you're going to see & do all the things you want
  • Knowledgeable about how to get around in each location
  • Have all your reservations made & pre-arranged, so all you have to do is show up
  • Know that you'll be having unique experiences, staying in cute & cozy accommodation, and be taken care of
  • Know that you won't have to spend your precious travel time on your phone; looking up good places to eat, what the nightlife is like in a city, trying to navigate the roads, making last minute train or hotel reservations, and all around scrambling 
  • Have your time back in your regular life, because you don't have to do any of this leg work
  • Confident that your trip is everything you've ever wanted it to be!

But, Who is this for?

Whether you're looking to have an epic hiking adventure across Europe, sip on tea and biscuits in London & catch the latest Broadway Show, or spend your days wandering the old shopping streets of Paris while staying in a boutique hotel...we can do all of those things. We firmly believe that life should be an all out adventure -- and making sure your trip is as unique as you is our specialty.

Here's everything you'll get workin' with us...

Step 1: Gettin' to know you

  • As soon as you decide to work with us, we'll send you over our pre-travel questionnaire with our specific questions that allows us to narrow down exactly what you're looking for
  • Next, you'll receive an email with our availability and be prompted to schedule your virtual appointment with us
  • We'll spend an hour vis-a-vis with you, answering your questions, delving deeper into what you're looking for and honing in on how we can help as well as providing our suggestions

Step 2: Make it Official

  • After our appointment, we'll send over a sample itinerary based on what we discussed
  • This is your opportunity to make any alterations to the itinerary such as; adding extra days overall, more days in one city and less in another
  • We'll make these changes on our end & send over our Travel Planning Contract (you can see a sample here)
  • Each of us will sign the contract (don't worry, you can e-sign it. Technology, right!?) & we'll get to work making reservations!

Step 3: Reservations

  • We prioritize what needs to be reserved first (hotels, trains, rental car, tours & activities)
  • As per your requests, we'll make reservations for hotels and cozy places to stay that you'll love
  • We'll book your trains from city to city, if needed
  • Reserve a rental car, if needed
  • Book tours and activities for you (up to 10 total)
  • We'll provide our restaurant + nightlife suggestions
  • For non-reservable activities (hiking, and such) we'll provide specifics on activities you're interested in (where's the trailhead, how long is the hike roundtrip, difficulty level)

Step 4: Finalize

  • As we finish up the final reservations, we'll be in touch to schedule your final meeting with us
  • Before the meeting, we'll send over your final itinerary for you to review
  • We'll have another 30 minute virtual meeting where we answer all your questions and go over all the details of your trip

Step 5: You're Off!

  • Start packin' + getting excited for your trip
  • We're always here to answer any last minute questions about packing, weather, or anything else!
  • Go experience your adventure, immerse yourself in the destination, taste the food, swim in the water, and meet the people
  • Oh, and take some amazing photos to share with us! Use this hashtag #theramblinggals to catch our attention -- we love to follow along!

Step 6: Home, again

  • Once you get settled back into your routine, we always like to reach out to you and make sure everything went perfectly!
  • You can share your photos with us and let us in on all the fun you had!
  • We're always working to improve, so this is our chance to make sure all of our hard work went smoothly

Step 7: Bring your friends!

We have a wonderful referral program and love to welcome new travelers to our community. If you loved us so much you want to recommend your besties to work with us, we'll give ya 5% off your next package with us! 

Untitled design.png

Who are we and why should you let us handle your trip? 

Well friend, we used to be you. We took our first trip out in the world together and we made mistakes. We lost count of the trains and busses we missed. We booked accommodations that we didn't make it to, because we didn't know where we would be on what dates. 

But, we discovered our love for exploring the world, so we wouldn't trade it for anything. Since then, we have taken more trips and perfected creating itineraries. In fact, we have both worked at travel agencies, doing just that -- planning, plotting, and creating itineraries unique to each person we worked with. 

But, we much prefer working for ourselves. So here we are, The Rambling Gals ready to help you get to your next adventure with less stress and more seeing, doing, tasting, and experiencing. 

The breakdown

  • we'll plan your entire itinerary
  • make accommodation reservations for the whole trip
  • book and reserve your transportation throughout 
  • book and reserve unique activities + tours
  • give restaurant + nightlife recommendations
  • provide in-travel support via email, if needed 
  • payment plans

So, let's get started! 

We can't wait to work with you to find out exactly how we can help! We'll chat soon, friend! 

two ways to purchase

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the fine print.

  1. Price is for double occupancy (2 people traveling together)
  2. If you're traveling solo, please select the "Traveling Solo" option
  3. Traveling in a group of 4+? Please shoot us an email at and we'll get everything sorted out
  4. Mini Adventure Pack covers any trip up to 14 days long
  5. Did we miss anything? Email us!
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