Welcome to our 4 day Travel Challenge!!

We're so happy you joined us for this little series. Ever since we started taking the time to travel and explore the world, we have wanted to help others do the same. We know it can be a daunting task and there are SO many different things to consider when planning a trip. 

Luckily for you, you signed up and the next 4 days of your life will be packed with basically everything we know. 

Each video will be available here on the day it is emailed and released to you. And don't forget to download the handy-dandy worksheets we made for you, to help you work through the material.


Day one | Excuses & Barriers to travel

We're going over the top 5 excuses we hear from people when they tell us that cannot travel. 

Don't forget to grab your worksheet as you follow along, so you can sort out what is really holding you back.


day two | Picking a destination that suits you 

You wouldn't go to Ibiza with your grandma, would you? Well, unless you have a verrrrry cool grandma. Today we're discussing how to choose a destination that works for you and suites the activities you're interested in.

Download this worksheet to help ya!

day three | budgeting before & during your trip

Ohhh, it's the big one. Budgeting. And not just budgeting during your trip, but breaking down allllll the costs you're going to incur and creating a plan for saving the amount you need to by the time you take off.

We even made you a  spreadsheet to help you budget!

day four | travel planning 101

Here, you can grab our best tips + tricks for beginning the planning process. This is how we find all the things we want to see in each destination and how we delve into the research process.

Don't forget to grab our 11 Page Planning Timeline to help you sort out when to buy your flights, start saving, and more!